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Conventional Fixed


  • Simple Product
  • Easy to understand features/payments
  • Fixed long term interest rate
    • 15 year
    • 30 year
  • Have at least 5% down
  • Purchase & Refinance
  • Seller can contribute to closing costs


  • Stable payments, fixed interest rate, the "standard" product
  • Faster equity build up
  • Fixed payments, easier to budget into the future
    • 15 year – faster equity build up
    • 30 year – lower payments, more purchasing power
  • Conservative approach to financing
  • Flexible options to purchase or refinance a primary residence, a second home or investment property
  • Decrease amount due from buyer at closing, facilitates home sales

Who does this product benefit?

  • Borrower who plans to stay in their home for the long term
  • Borrowers concerned about variable rates
  • Borrowers with 5%+ down payment available
  • Borrowers who do not anticipate large income increases over the next 10 years
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